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CRX Insider is the ultimate website for Chrome extension analysis, providing a complete overview of the extensions available on the Chrome web store and offering comparative data and figures, enabling users to conduct detailed research about the extensions.

On CRX Insider, you will find over 180K extensions with over 20 different categories, ranging from productivity-related extensions to extensions solely for entertainment purposes. Our comprehensive list of Chrome extensions can be filtered down by categories, trending activities, recently added, latest updates, and much more. If you would like to determine the popularity of an extension or check if it is safe to download, the total number of downloads and the recent uninstalls are good parameters for it.

We provide up-to-date statistical information and rankings of various extensions, including the newest and the top-grossing extensions of the week. For all the researchers and data enthusiasts out there, you will find stats regarding the most downloaded extensions, Manifest V2 and Manifest V3 extensions, extensions removed, and the extensions' historical stats. You can also find information regarding the top new extensions released on the Chrome web store.

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CRX Insider is not all about stats and data but is a one-stop destination for all your extension needs. Wondering what else you can do with CRX Insider? Read on to know more.

The website provides a complete list of all the past versions and the latest versions of an extension. Users can download new updates, check publisher details such as name and email address, view launch dates, and compare the new and previous versions of an extension.

Gone are the days of scouring different websites for a single piece of information. With CRX Insider, you can do so much more. You can download extensions, get a complete overview of an extension, get comparative data of two different extensions, and check the overall ratings and reviews provided by real-time users. If this doesn't sound convincing enough, we provide exclusive benefits without any subscription. Registered members can avail benefits such as access to all pages and advanced search filters. In case an error occurs after downloading an extension, feel free to contact the publisher at the given mail address. All these features within a single website, isn't this amazing?

As a website that values data privacy, there are measures taken to protect your data from being misused or sold to a third party. The free version of the website is accessible to all users without requiring them to sign in. However, signing in to the website generates a customized search result based on previous user activity. For exclusive access and in-depth analysis, users can switch to a monthly or yearly paid plan.

Whether you are visiting the website or a professional, we aim to provide the best statistical report and data on Chrome extensions and hope to provide you with the information you are looking for. Our goal is to understand our audience so that we can improve and enhance the overall user experience. If you have any queries regarding the website, you can reach us at [email protected].