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Team collaboration for LinkedIn

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What is Teamfeed.ai - Lead your team on social?

Team collaboration for LinkedIn.



Coordinate your teams. Spread your message on social. Skyrocket your brand. ???? What is TeamFeed? ???? TeamFeed is an innovative platform that supercharges your team's LinkedIn activity. It seamlessly connects team members, streamlining their engagement on LinkedIn to amplify brand exposure and drive social selling. ???? Use Cases & When to Use It ???? Brand Amplification: When launching a new product or campaign, TeamFeed ensures your team rallies behind it on LinkedIn. Event Promotions: Hosting a webinar or offline event? Get maximum visibility through unified team engagement. Thought Leadership: When your company shares insights, whitepapers, or case studies, TeamFeed ensures it resonates far and wide. Employee Advocacy: Turn every team member into a brand ambassador, ensuring they engage with and share pivotal content. Organic Audience Amplifier: Collaborate with influencers and team members to naturally communicate and reach your target audience without paid promotions. ???? Who Is It For? ???? Designed for B2B companies, startups, and professional service providers, TeamFeed is perfect for organizations aiming to harness the collective power of their team's LinkedIn networks. Whether you're a Marketing Director, a Sales Lead, or an HR Manager focusing on employer branding, TeamFeed is your best ally. ✨ Features ✨ Unified Engagement Dashboard (coming): Track, manage, and monitor team-wide LinkedIn engagement from one central hub. Intelligent Content Recommendations: AI-powered suggestions ensure the most relevant content gets maximum attention. Engagement Requests: Highlight pivotal content and send engagement requests to the team. Employee Fatigue Monitoring: Smart algorithms ensure team members are engaged without feeling overwhelmed. AI-Generated Comments: Boost your professional image with intelligently-crafted comments, perfect for when you're short on time or inspiration. Customization: Easily tweak generated comments to ensure they resonate with your unique voice. Real-Time Analysis: CaptainComment analyzes the context of every post and conversation, ensuring your responses are relevant, timely, and impactful. Performance Analytics: Dive deep into metrics to understand impact and ROI. ???? How It Works? ???? Install & Integrate: Add the TeamFeed extension to your Chrome browser and connect your LinkedIn account. Onboard Your Team: Easily invite team members to join the TeamFeed network. Engage & Amplify: Highlight LinkedIn content, send engagement requests, and watch as your content's reach multiplies. Monitor & Optimize (coming): Use the dashboard to track engagement, analyze performance, and iterate for even better results. Elevate your LinkedIn presence, engage authentically, and amplify your impact with Captain Comment's TeamFeed! ????????????

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The latest version of Teamfeed.ai - Lead your team on social is available on the Chrome web and is currently being used by 47 active users. The initial version was launched on 2023-10-05.

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HOW TO INSTALL Teamfeed.ai - Lead your team on social FROM A CRX FILE

  1. Download Teamfeed.ai - Lead your team on social CRX file
  2. NOTE: Sometimes the browser may block downloading / installing CRX file from outside the Chrome Web Store. If so, you may need to download the ZIP file instead
  3. In the URL bar, go to chrome://extensions
  4. Enable Developer mode
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